How About Some Ice Cold Coke

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No… not the soft drink. Nor the hard drug.

This is a former 6-bay woodchip car that CSX shortened into a 4-bay hopper for hauling coke (the carbon by-product of coal).  I took a bare Walthers model and cut out the middle two bays, added paint, decals, and weathering, plus a homemade load.

More photos can be seen here

Background Image

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I was messing around with some of my railfan photos, and made this composite. In a way, it’s a counterpart to my posed model shots. Whereas normally I am attempting to give the allusion a model is real – here I seem to have made the real thing look more like a model. Giving it a bogus backdrop. Vintage California Zephyr cars are not easy to come by these days, but there was a 2-car set visiting the area a couple of years ago.