Passion and Insanity

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One of the rare models which didn’t go up for bids on eBay.

One side has authentic tagging, shrunken down. One tag reads “Passion and Insanity”. Anyone who knows me will realize that’s not too far off. The other one says “More Trains Please”. Something every model railroader is prone to say.


Article on Hobos in Local Paper

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There was an article about hobos in the local newspaper this past weekend. Interesting reading – but I maybe could have done without the part about the guy’s groin oozing puss from an infection.



2011 Car of the Year

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It’s only August, but this will stand as my best project for 2011. I know that right now.

Based on a real Union Pacific bulkhead flatcar modified to haul concrete RR ties. They have been regular visitors to the local CXT plant about 2 miles from my apartment. Won’t be long before they are replaced due to age. I modified a Walthers kit, with actual wood, and styrene that I made look like wood. This freight car took almost a month to complete.