Just Don’t Call Me ‘Chip’

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Fans of mine know that some of my favorite freight cars to model are MRL… or Montana Rail Link. Especially the former Burlington Northern acquisitions, whose green color and white markings bleed through the worn-off MRL blue paint. One type of car often seen this way are the 60 ft woodchip cars.

I wanted to do one of these for so long, having seen them a lot around where I live. The problem was that the only available model was rudimentary and lacking pronounced detail. Therefore, I decided to dispense with the entire model, save for the ends, and construct my own with styrene and spare parts. I’m not the best fabricator out there, in terms of scratch-building, but I believe this came out very nice. The thing that really makes the project pop is the characteristic worn blue over green scheme, and scuffed-up ribs. The interior is also worn and there is a scale chip load. I added homemade lateral bars per the prototype.