Surreals on Wheels Vol 5 Montana Rail Link

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I put all of my best Montana Rail Link models into one slideshow.

Normally, I do a variety, but this time I changed things up. Stay for the ending credit roll after the last model fades to black. Enjoy!

Revised Surreals on Wheels Vol 4 Krazy Trains

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The intro was too long… so I re-did it. Fixed a couple slight gaps, cleaned up some glare, and added a little more dialog at the end. Now I’m a little more pleased with it overall. For this compilation, I used bits of a famous Dragnet TV episode. It just happened that I had models for each color the tripped out kid said he could see. Some really fast editing to match the dialog! When the music “teaser” kicks in over the interrogation, watch the captain’s head move to the beat!