Walk On The Wild Side 3

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Another fellow crossing the double mainline. This is NOT a railroad worker. Strolled past me like I was invisible, and hopped up onto the idle coal gondola couplers. Then calmly stepped down, and waited for the moving train in front of him to pass by so he could go across the next track.

The coal train had stopped for a signal (or possibly a crew change) and extended quite a ways in both directions from this point. You had to wait it out – or do what this guy does. Which is not a good idea. The coal train could lurch forward, and throw him off balance, especially if he was still standing on the couplers.

It was just the way he did it, as if he does it all the time. Like no big deal. He didn’t say boo to me or anything. Or ask how long the train had been stopped. This is the kind of behavior that ruins it for the rest of us who hang out near trains.



New Model Slideshow Uploaded to YouTube

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This is best viewed on a computer monitor, not an iPhone. It was done in 720p and looks nicer in Theater mode. Over 10 minutes long, but it moves at a nice pace. I had some fun with it.