Artists vs Foamers

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Not one of my creations… model or otherwise. It’s a real hopper that I’ve seen about three times now roll through town on the BNSF main. Finally got a good shot of it.

For you non-railroad buffs, Foamer is the accepted term for a diehard railfan who can be found trackside with his camera. By that definition, I must be one myself, eh? Generally, they are the Baby Boomer generation (or older). These conservatives like their trains in clean condition – and free of graffiti. I can’t emphasize that more. That’s where I differ however.

A graffiti tagger, in their underground circles, is called an Artist. They just are. Doesn’t matter if they suck at it or not. This is what they call each other. It is safe to say that Artists don’t care for Foamers – and Foamers loathe Artists!

Which is the whole point behind the artwork on this hopper. Fortunately, the wording is legible and large enough to be seen from a short distance. Is this graffiti making devoted railfans upset…? Well… short answer, YES. I happened to post it in a discussion board full of Foamers – and you might say it touched a nerve! First, because it was graffiti. Second, because the tagger had the gall to say Foamer.

It will be interesting to see how a Foamer will retaliate – visually.



Haha. Sometimes graffiti vandals give themselves too much credit. I think “foamers” is a GAY TERM anyway along with so many others from recent times. “Hater” is another ridiculous term. Maybe if more graffiti vandals were aligned with death metal and thrash music, I could respect them. Instead, most listen to rap and hip-hop which is just shit. That’s all I have to say.

MrK @ May 31, 2014 10:11 PM


JEFF! Capital commentary, my bodacious bro-hanger pugmeister dude! So stoked you could throw up some extreme smack down on my flick of this pimp-ass sled, considerate comrade. I highly appreciate anything you take the time out to do, so that I can push the limits of my street-wise jargonacular in replying to you, my righteous brutha. You’re one helluva rum-soaked pal, hashtag ghettomodeler, so feel free to drop the sh*t anytime! It’s all good, J-to-the-VK. Thanks buttloads!

eKiM (< --that's like my name if I were back in 4th grade, yo )

admin @ June 4, 2014 11:40 AM


For the record, the first comment was totally rum-inspired! Just for the hell of it, I reviewed the post, a day later, and TOTALLY agreed with myself. Hahaha. Even when spewing “drunken wisdom”, I still spelled “graffiti” correctly. Most people can’t do that sober…based on my experience reading forums. MUYA.

MrK @ June 4, 2014 1:46 PM


If you are in search of unique cars I have plenty of time on my hands and live near a big rail yard in Temple Texas.
I spend my time a the BNSF yard office drinking coffee and of course NOT talking Trains!
These railroad people get enough of trains.
I take bunches of pictures mostly of weathered and graffitied cars.
Every now and then I get to hop in the BNSF SUV and a ride down and around the yard with the yard master.
These guys and gals are really cool and don’t mind me photographing the cars.
Best regards

Spanky Fuentes @ May 8, 2017 2:18 PM

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