Walk On The Wild Side 2

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Continuation of an earlier rant. Spotted this couple out for a nature walk recently, while I was shooting trains in the area. They didn’t see me, but I saw them wander down a trail coming out of the woods, and get right on the track. It’s not like that is the only way through here. There are foot trails up on either ridge paralleling the rail line. You could even walk in on the dirt a few yards to their left. But no – they want to be on the track and look cool.

This is not some back country seldom used branchline. This is the main transcon route to Seattle upon which a dozen or more trains per day travel in either direction. Sure, they could probably avoid getting hit, but not before stressing the train crew out. Again, the landing approach for the airport is overhead, and the jets drown out any train noise when they fly low.

Interesting to note that a mere 5 minutes earlier, a BNSF hi-railer pickup drove through on inspection. Those guys make little noise when they come around that bend under the bridge. He would’ve had something to say to them, I’m sure.


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