And here you thought this page would be virtually empty. NOT!
Sure, there are probably just as many people who resent me as
there are who respect me. Even so, I'm not losing sleep over it.
If pressured, the folks below might pretend they don't know me!

Although friends they certainly are, this list does not include any
of the collectors who have acquired my models through auction.
No need to make this a Who's Who list of discriminating buyers.

The following people are considered friends of Mellow Mike :

Randy is involved in the making of some of the detailed RTR HO freight cars produced by both Genesis and Intermountain. Specifically, he crafts the masters the molds are made from. Now THAT is model making!

Vincent is known more by his online ID Kisatchie. He's one of my N Scale pen pals that I've bought used trains from. Great guy, in spite of the fact that he hangs out on some East Coast forum that I like to call

I met Ross when I visited the local HO modular club. We both share an affinity for ultra realism in our models. He was kind enough to help me with some computer issues, and got a nice Mellow Mike freight car in exchange.

Mr Quinn is an icon around town, and at the other Spokane HO club. Many of his older proto pics have graced the pages of books about the GN, NP, SP&S, MILW, and BN. Has a LOT of model trains. Click on his star to see what else Jerry does.

John is a member of the River City Modelers club mentioned above. Of all the guys there, John seems the most thrilled to see my latest projects in person. He has also given me rides home from the club when I've gone down there to visit.

Ted goes by his train ID "funnelfan" online. Used to live just across the border from me. Currently, Ted works for the UP railroad and is quite an accomplished photographer and avid railfan. Check out his work by clicking on his star.

Corporal Dave is one of Spokane's sheriffs - and also a train nut. I don't flinch much now when I see an unmarked car pull up! He and his buddy Chet have an amazing modular layout! A crowd favorite at the local train shows. Very animated.

Bill was at one time the McKean behind McKean Models. He's always delighted to see me custom paint and weather these old kits that I pick up at swap meets. Bill has worked for the LBF company as well.

Bob was a regular at the hobby shop I worked in during most of the 80's. He wasn't so much a mentor as he was a source of reference. Long before there was the internet - Bob would provide photocopy reference material for what you modeled.

Jim, Herb, Tom, and the crew at Sunset are all nice guys. If you're in Spokane WA, tell 'em Mellow Mike sent you. They'll give you a special discount. Wait... this just in... they give discounts to everyone. Damn.